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[Ian] Dancing Stick Man

take a warning sign

turn it around and crop it

make that wee man dance

[Amy] Swing!


watching carefully

detect the spin of the ball

to get a good swing


Note: This was for the theme “Blur”. I decided to focus on movement blur for this shot.

[Ian] Blue Dance


entranced by blue skies
she loses herself in dance
her head in the clouds

[Amy] Pabst


An old theater
Seats bottoms older than mine
To keep with the times

[Ian] Pipes


lonely piper plays
a song from faraway glens
and centuries old

[Amy] Music


It is time to dance
A catalog of music
Changes every show

[Ian] Miller Park


baseball diamond shines
hope for sparkling victory
shown on silver screen

[Ian] Moonlight Serenade

Moonlight Serenade

Moonlight Serenade

howling at the moon

or making lovely music

notes blur together

I am still experimenting with controlled blur! This is why I love doing this project – I really get to try out new techniques.

[Ian] Blurred Band

Band Blur

colourful music

the blur and rhythm of notes

dancing through the air

[Ian] Accordian

Daily photo - accordian

2012-08-06 [by Ian] Accordian

more than just the blues

spectrum of notes and colours

squeezing from the frame