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[Ian] Dancing Stick Man

take a warning sign

turn it around and crop it

make that wee man dance

[Amy] Shady


These trees of winter
with no leaves to hide the sun
decide to wear shades

[Amy] Horseshoe


A hoof print in wood
Doesn’t mean horses climb trees
with shoes on their feet

[Amy] Fuzzy


It’s nature’s qtip…
don’t worry, there’s no ear wax
just a little fuzz

[Amy] Donut tree


How are donuts made?
Did you ever wonder that?
Well, they grow on trees.

[Amy] Easter Egg


The Easter Bunny
is leaving me a present.
Wonder what’s inside!

[Ian] Reward


I feed the critters

every day. Last night they

left me a reward

I am taking part in a weekly photo challenge to get my creative juices flowing!

[Ian] statue double take


when I am grown up
I want to be just the same
but perhaps taller

(this was a double exposure in the camera not Photoshopped)

[Ian] Dangerous Waters


swimmers be careful
there’s no lifeguard on duty
and watch for icebergs

Ring Pull


there’s a story here
if we could only read it
shall we make one up

of the brash wee can –
knight in shining armour who
bravely fought tin snips