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[Ian] Office

open office space

for professional critters

in the local branch


free for the taking

if you have pick and shovel

otherwise you’re stumped

Skeleton Climb

skeletons clamber

up a tree, fast as squirrels

afraid of the grave?

[Ian] Ice

there’s ice on the path

be careful. You have been warned

by a litter bug

[Ian] Meters of Snow

midwest winter scene

these meters are set up for

snowmobile parking

[Ian] Dancing Stick Man

take a warning sign

turn it around and crop it

make that wee man dance

[Amy] Shady


These trees of winter
with no leaves to hide the sun
decide to wear shades

[Amy] Horseshoe


A hoof print in wood
Doesn’t mean horses climb trees
with shoes on their feet

[Amy] Fuzzy


It’s nature’s qtip…
don’t worry, there’s no ear wax
just a little fuzz

[Amy] Donut tree


How are donuts made?
Did you ever wonder that?
Well, they grow on trees.