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[Ian] Duck!


day at the races
I always back the lame duck
foul fowls foiled duck luck

[Amy] Chicken


Don’t be a chicken
Giant un-feathered fellow
He braves the weather

[Ian] Cane


carved onto a cane
a hardwood bird bows it’s head.
craning it’s long neck

[Ian] Hanging Around

Hanging Around

birds hanging around
on an island of great food
in a sea of snow

[Amy] Grey Duck

Grey Duck

Seagulls and the Goose
Identities are confused
Play Duck, Duck, Grey Duck

[Amy] Tracks


“Walk this way,” he said

Goose to English translator –

It only said, “Honk.”

[Amy] Flying


Follow the pathway
It leads to a warm winter
Home away from home

[Ian] Dinner


two gulls on a log
is that dinner swimming by
or too big to eat?

[Ian] Angry Gourd


this gourd could become
like an angry bird in flight
if catapulted

[Ian] Duck Duck Gold


helped by sunset light
these ducks have the Midas touch
their ripples are gold