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[Amy] Easter Egg


The Easter Bunny
is leaving me a present.
Wonder what’s inside!

[Ian] Abundant


abundance of spring
after a hungry winter
birds find easy food

[This week’s theme was Spring]

[Ian] Spectators


what are you watching
with your intense stony stares
focus never lost

I am taking part in a weekly photo challenge to get my creative juices flowing!
Rule of Thirds / bokeh

[Ian] Spring


winter melts away

spring uncoils to warm the land

white retreats from green

[Ian] White House

White House

light in the windows

reflection of waning sun

breaking up the white

[Ian] Faraway Rest


slogging through the snow

spots a handy place to rest

but so far away

[Ian] The Cranaceous Era


before the buildings

metal monsters roamed the earth

eager to create


[The theme this week was ‘Adventures in Architecture’]

[Ian] Takeoff


bufflehead takes off
black and white with yellow eye
swift beauty in flight

[Amy] Walrus Teeth


“A quick trip,” He said
“Trust me, dentists don’t hurt you. ”
Little did I know…

[Ian] Ice House


take a winter break
surrounded by frozen lake
no need for the light