Monthly Archives: January 2014

[Ian] ColourFish


not all fish are gold
increasing saturation
shows hidden colours

[Amy] Sponge?


Footprint in the snow
Becomes a sponge in the sand
In a beachside dream

[Ian] Hanging Around

Hanging Around

birds hanging around
on an island of great food
in a sea of snow

[Ian] Woman with Bow


I see a face here
with blue bow and pony tail
I’ll call her Piper

[Ian] First Foot


happy Hogmonay
I have your first foot right here
lang may your lum reek


In Scotland New Year’s Eve is called Hogmonay. It includes going to neighbours, friends and family in a tradition called First Footing.
Lang may your lum reek is a traditional greeting at Hogmonay. It means may your chimney smoke for a long time-a hope for prosperity in the year to come.