Monthly Archives: January 2014

[Amy] Hay


Hey! Hay? A hay bale?
Where did that hay bale come from?
Fell off the wagon

[Ian] Cane


carved onto a cane
a hardwood bird bows it’s head.
craning it’s long neck

[Amy] Games


It’s a lot of work
Civilizing this island
With its wild landscape

[Ian] Ice Waves


ice sculpture fragment
were you frozen locks of hair
or waves locked by cold?

[Amy] Ice Wall


A prison escape
With these walls coated in ice
Slip out if you can

[Ian] High Dive


on a pedastal
flushed with exhilaration
ready for the plunge

[Ian] Cabin Fever


winter in cabins
snow and ice kept folks inside
waiting for the spring

[Amy] Snow Slide


This snow-covered slide
Entertains the Winter sprites
When they come to play

[Amy] Disappearing Walkway


Careful where you step.
The disappearing walkway
will end abruptly.

[Ian] Cold Steam


frigid lake sunrise
the lighthouse shrouded by steam
as water freezes