Monthly Archives: September 2012

[Ian] Granite Shadows

Granite Shadows

Granite Shadows

shadows on patterns

shades and textures all entwined

fractured symmetries

2012-09-16 [Amy] Ona

I didn’t get a chance to get out and take a fun photo outside today. Instead, I figured you could enjoy cute and cuddly instead.  Say hello to my grey fuzzball, Ona.

2012-09-14 [Amy] Greens

Walking at lunch on Friday, I saw the sun playing off the greens on the window railings outside the Northern Trust Bank. I love the contrast of the green copper and the green plant! The colors are so different.

2012-09-13 [Amy] Cattails

Ah, the marshy wonders of the Northwestern Mutual Franklin Campus. I caught this shot walking on the lovely 1.5 mile path that was installed when the buildings in Franklin were built. I was surprised at how consistent the coloring came out… the entire area around this had greens and birds and water, but this little clump had just the browns of the cattail fronds. Fun!

[Ian] Sunset Swim

Sunset Swim

Sunset Swim

bathed in the last rays

as sun slips underwater

these swimmers won gold

[Ian] Gigantic Hopper

Gigantic Hopper

Gigantic Hopper

multi-coloured bug

gloriously gigantic

mother nature’s jewels

Seriously! This grasshopper was the size of a sausage!

[Ian] Hawk



use a nice long lens

don’t get too close to this hawk

or you may be lunch

[Ian] Stork

Wood Stork

Wood Stork

wood stork test the breeze

is there enough lift for its

next delivery?

2012-09-12 [Amy] Coloful Tree

I found this rather unique tree in Mitchell Boulevard Park yesterday while walking to Miller Park. It has such bright colors and designs! I took several shots, but the funky angle on this one made it my favorite.

[Ian] Emergence



ripples on water –

surface broken by gator?

the swamp holds its breath