Daily Archives: September 10, 2012

2012-09-01 [Amy] Uecker

Another forgotten photo… We went to the second game after the unveiling of the Uecker statue at Miller Park. I took a couple of photos, but I liked this one best because of the Milwaukee “M” showing to the right of the statue.  I added a little sepia coloring to the picture to make the silhouette stand out.

2012-09-08 [Amy] White and Fluffy

Some days, you just take a photo because it makes you happy. No fancy artistic reason, or dramatic plays in light. It was just a gorgeous day outside and I was laying, watching the clouds float happily overhead. It seemed worthy of documenting such a wonderful moment.

[Ian] End of Day

End of Day

End of Day

stealthy night creeps in

but the day has one last stand

magnificent light