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2012-08-18 [Amy] Doorknob of Justice

This weekend we had some fun playing tourists in our own town. One of the places we visited is the Basilica of St. Josephat, which is on 6th and Lincoln.  A beautiful building; much of it was build from salvage material from an old post office in downtown Chicago.  Here you see the uniquely styled doorknob which used to be on that Chicago post office.

[Ian] Rainy Sign

Rainy Sign

Rainy Sign

seen through car windscreen

rain distorted lettering

tricky to obey

[Ian] Skyscraper and Self

Skyscraper and Self

Skyscraper and Self

sunset reflection

of a tall building and me

I live in shadows

[Ian] Electric Zebra


Electric Zebra Variation

Electric Zebra

electric zebra

which zoo can I find you in?

do you play with eels?

2012-08-16 [Amy] Mushroom



These puffy-looking little mushrooms were growing in Cathedral Square park during my walk at lunch. I liked that they matched the woodchips around them, continuing the browns and greens throughout the photo.

[Ian] Seagull Slurping

Seagull Slurping

Seagull Slurping

does he dream of seas

as he drinks from urban pools

missing salty sprays


2012-08-16 [Amy] Rooftop

Rooftop in Cathedral Square

I loved the colors on the rooftop of the church in Cathedral Square (Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist).  The tie-in of the color of the copper really brings out the greens.

[Ian] Electric City

Electric City

Electric City

 waiting for a bus

to where we can only guess

to Paris, perhaps?

[Ian] Bronzie

Milwaukee's Bronze Fonz

fist pump in the air

a happy day for the Fonz

timeless now in bronze

[Ian] Blurred Band

Band Blur

colourful music

the blur and rhythm of notes

dancing through the air