Monthly Archives: August 2012

[Ian] Flames



flames consume the frame

hungrily licking the wood

spitting outembers

[Ian] Onlooker



sitting having lunch

wondering what is behind

these shuttered windows

2012-08-23 [Amy] Lattice Road

A unique, nearly black & white image of the iron work that holds the freeway together (not that we should necessarily see it on a daily basis). Still, the stark contrast of the rusting iron with the light of the cement, and the look of lattice work having been “torn” out of its surroundings makes this a fun shot.

[Ian] Drinks Cabinet

Drinks Cabinet

last night’s party crowd

left a thoughtful gift for us

something to tidy

[Ian] Wrap It Up

Wrap It Up

Wrap It Up

paper or plastic?

the buyer of this building

was surprised to hear

2012-08-21 [Amy] Glowing Building

I caught this shot on my way home yesterday.  This building in the Franklin Industrial Park really had a cool reflection of the evening sun.  It looks like the edges of the building are glowing embers. Shall we roast some marshmallows?

[Ian] Inside And Out

Inside And Out

Inside And Out

downtown Milwaukee

rectangles in rectangles

buildings rub shoulders

2012-08-20 [Amy] Beach Ball

One of my favorite hobbies, outside of being a computer geek and taking photos, is playing volleyball. Yesterday, the sand had a very unique texture to it because of the brief but hard rain that fell earlier in the day.  When we went to play some ball, every move left a print, including the ball bouncing on the sand. Here is a shot of the distinctive print the ball left in the sand at Bradford Beach.

[Ian] Mis-Spoke



warped geometry

crazy angles interact

no rest for the eyes

2012-08-19 [Amy] Prickly Pear

This photo of the Prickly Pear cactus in the airid dome of the Mitchell Park Domes turned out quite nicely. Playing with the available lighting, the photo has a beautiful reflection of another of the domes in the background with the sun reflecting off of it, highlighting the blooms of the Prickly Pear itself.